Multiple-Choice Questions

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1. "Victorian" refers to the period when Queen Victoria reigned over the British Empire. Which period was this?
   a) 1700-1770
   b) 1770-1830
   c) 1830-1900
   d) 1900-1970

2. Which attitude is not typical of Victorian lifestyle?
   a) Secret pornography
   b) Irrational behaviour
   c) Double sexual morals, different for men and women
   d) Discipline

3. The waspwaist is typical of Victorian fashion.
   a) True
   b) False

4. Which of the following quotes applies to D.H. Lawrence?
   a) He favoured a return from the complexities, overintellectualism and cold materialism of modern life to the primitive, unconscious springs of vitality of the race.
   b) His graphic exposures of social evils and his powers of caricature and humour have won him a vast readership.
   c) He was distinguished for his gently ironic surveys of English ecclesiastical and political circles.

5. Which word is missing in: "We can go wrong in our ... , but what the blood feels, and believes, and says, is always right."
   a) souls
   b) minds
   c) hearts
   d) beliefs

6. "Odour of Chrysanthemums". Which interpretation of the title is not to the point?
   a) Even before the corpse is entered into the house, death is symbolically present.
   b) The vase breaks, Elizabeth clears the flowers... Meaning: no symbols of death are needed any more when death itself invades the house.
   c) Even if she has no money to spend, Elizabeth shows her devotion to her husband by decorating their miner's house with flowers.
   d) Odour means "smell" and the smell of death reaches every corner in such a small house. Miners' families cannot escape their miserable fate: they have no space nor privacy enough to live happily together.

7. In "Odour of Chrysanthemums" Elizabeth is the one who doesn't cry but keeps on functioning while her mother-in-law is full of grief and cries. Which of the two women stands for Victorian morals and is therefore indirectly criticized by DHL?
   a) Elizabeth
   b) The mother-in-law
   c) None

8. Which of these sentences doesn't belong here?
   a) Let me wipe him!
   b) Wheer will you have him?
   c) What a job, what a job, to be sure!
   d) Seems as if it was done on purpose. Shut him in, like a mousetrap.

9. Elizabeth realizes her marriage was a poor one and she blames her husband for it.
   a) True
   b) False

10. Optical illusionists can be linked to D.H. Lawrence...
   a) ... because, like DHL, they ridicule industrialism.
   b) ... because they show how easy it is to fool the mind.

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