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European Cultural Diversity: Finland-Flanders

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F@F-project (1999) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Anni Ruohonen

Ellen Vangoidsenhoven

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My impression

Ellen is a seventeen-year-old girl. She has long, blond hair and blue eyes. She is quite beautiful. Ellen lives in Tienen in Belgium. Ellen has a boyfriend whose name is Tim. She lives with her mother and sister. She likes to dance.

In Belgium there aren't so many forests as in Finland. Belgium is known for it's Belgian frites, "Manneken Pis" and "Atomium". If I visit Belgium some day, Ellen will show me her family first, which is very important to her.

Thank you Ellen, it was very nice to write to you. I wish you a good summer.

My impression

Thanks to the Finland project I've met Anni Ruohonen.  She is a seventeen-year-old girl from Finland.  She lives in Söderkulla in Sipoo.  She has a little brother whose name is Janne.  Anni loves animals.  She has two dogs and a cat.  She also likes horse-riding, but she doesn't have her own horse.  She likes to go out with her friends, to read books and to wach television.  Anni loves her friends and her family and spends a lot of time with them.

Anni was a very nice girl to write to.  She told me a lot about her family, friends, school and country.  We have other interests, but that's much more fascinating.  She has also a lot of qualities like horse-riding and she also likes to read books, that's something I don't like.  She is a very diligent and enterprising girl.  Anni has a lot of possibilities to have a good future.