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European Cultural Diversity: Finland & Flanders

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F@F-project (2000) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Mari Paikkari

Jelle Ulens

I think Jelle is a humorous, busy and sporty guy, who has always something to do. When he doesn\'t listen to music he is playing tablefootball, when he doesn\'t play tablefootball he is playing soccer, when he doesn\'t play soccer he is in some parties with his friends etc. etc.

Jelle\'s famile includes Jelle(17), his big brother(20) mum and dad. He doesn\'t have any pets, like he said, he and his brother keep the whole family busy. Jelle\'s letters have been just long enough and he is writing good English too. I think it\'s been very nice to write with Jelle.

For that and for many other reasons, I think this project has been very usefull and I also think it\'s been interesting write with someone who doesn\'t speak the same language and who has different culture...

The project was phantastic.It was really nice to write with a girl from Finland. Thanks to this project I've learned a lot about Finland. I think Mari is a sweet lovely girl who is always optimistic.She lives in Talma. She spends her free time doing her work for school and playing with her dog. She has one favourite hobby, playing piano. As I have said before, I've learned a lot about Finland. I've learned that in the schools of Finland pupils have more freedom than we have in Belgium.They are allowed to do more. I've also learned that in Finland the temperature can be +20 in the south and -5 in the north at the same time.

I hope my partner will keep me writing, because it's really cool to mail with someone so far away.I also hope for other pupils that the project will continue ,because it's really learnful.