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European Cultural Diversity: Finland-Flanders

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F@F-project (1999) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Noora Tulimaa

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Hendrik Placlet

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My partner in the project was Hendrik Placlet. I think he´s really nice person. He likes music very much and plays violin and guitar. He likes to listen to all kind of music from Bob Marley to classical music. Hes second interest is reading. He reads many kind of literature but especially siencefiction, adventurestories and historical novels.

I think Hendrik is grazy about sports. He palys football and watch all the games. He says that footbaall is like poetry for him. He plays also tennis.

Hendrik is quite a good student. In the future he would like to work with computers and sports combined together.(He doesn´t jet know how to do that)

I think it was nice to learn to know Hendrik and the schoolsystem in Belgium. I have to say that I like more our school. There is one thing I´m wondering: doesn´t he really know Jari Litmanen, Finland´s best football player?


Noora seems to be a very smart and beautifull girl with lots of intellectual interests. She likes to read and to listen to music (maybe not that intellectual). She 's got a very patient and caring personnality. She doesn't go out often and she likes going to school. Something inimaginable in our country, I think.

She's got good grades, but she doesn't like to study. A very rare thing to happen, isn't it?

She's got a lot of friends to spend time with or to go out with. But Finland isn't as small as Belgium, so opportunity's to go out are rare.