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European Cultural Diversity: Finland-Flanders

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F@F-project (1999) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Halonen Anna

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Laukens Joke

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I liked this project very much. It was great to get known Joke and learn more about Belgium and Belgians, because I didn't know much about that country.

Joke is kind and lovely person, I had a good luck to get her as my partner. She tells that she is open-minded and energetic, I agree that. Joke lives with her family (parents and three sisters + lot of animals) in a quiet and small village called Goetsenhoven. Joke reads books (a lot)she also likes to listen to music. I suppose that she can sing or play some instruments well, because she go to a school of music couple times per week. As me Joke love to go party....

 This project taught me a lot and I'm happy that we will continue mailing after this project too.




My correspondent in Finland is Anna Halonen, also called 'Gimme'. She and her family (mother, father and little brother) live in a small place called Sipoo.  Sipoo is situated near Helsinki, Finland's capital. 

Her name means two things in Finnish. Anna is the word for 'girl' but it's also a verb which means 'to give' (Anna minulle = Give me) ... so then her friends started to call her Gimme.

Gimme describes herself as talkative, lively and quite open-minded.  Gimme is a very sportive girl, she roller-skates, plays volleyball and loves dancing.  She likes dance-music.  School, friends and sport take up most of her time.  She likes people to be honest, positive and know how to have fun.

Finnish people are mostly quiet, but warm and friendly and even a little bit shy.

At school she really likes psychology, she thinks psychology is very interesting.

I only can tell positive things about Gimme.  I am very glad we did the project and I hope we will keep writing each other for a long time.