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European Cultural Diversity: Finland & Flanders

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F@F-project (2000) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Erkko Kallaperš

Marijke GabriŽls

My partner from Belgium is Marijke Gabriels. Marijke is a seventeen years old girl and she said that she is a normal Belgium girl. She likes a lot of sports and her hobby is equestrian. She got two horses and she has train them by herself. Another thing that she likes a lot is animals, and she was helping her grandparents when they had a farm. Marijke is very positive person and in her live there is three important things love, friendship and happiness.

I really enjoyed this project with Finland.

I know something more now about the culture and the daily life of Finland. I hope that my partner Erkko enjoyed this project too. Sometimes I had the impression he didn't like this project very much, because I only received two letters from him. But I heard that the other pupils have the same problem. Some of them received just one letter.

But when I get the chance to do this again, I will certain do it, because it is a good training to improve my English. You also learn about another culture and you know something more about other people in the world.