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European Cultural Diversity: Finland-Flanders

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F@F-project (1999) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Wim Devos

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I recieved no information of my partner!


My Finnish emailpartner is called Aki Partanen and he's a youngman with a lot of interests.

He has got two main hobbies, and those two hobbies are very important for him. His first hobby is 'Martial Arts'. He enjoys doing this sport and he is passionated with the life-style.  He told me a lot about it and it think that this hobby is very exciting.

His second hobby is music. Aki listens to the same music as I do and the style of music is called 'metal'. He likes the same bands as I do, so that was somethings we wrote a lot about. 

We didn't write a lot about our schools and maybe this figures the fact the we both aren't interested in school.    

For me, this project was a nice experience, because I learned how to work on the internet and I learned something about Finland. My partner was also great and very interesting and  I wish him all the luck in his further life.

Wim Devos