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European Cultural Diversity: Finland & Flanders

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F@F-project (2000) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Riitta Hirvonen

Jeroen Costermans

I became acquainted with Jeroen Costermans during these three months, that this project took. It was very nice to get to know Jeroen. He seems quite a nice and a friendly boy.

Jeroen is eighteen years old and has a girlfriend. He lives in a small village. He plays football and likes fitness. Jeroen is fond of techno-music. He told me that he and his friends are going to make their own music, too.

His favourite school subjects are history and French. Jeroen says that French is a beautiful language. He loves to speak and learn it.

Jeroen likes to party at weekends with his friends.

-Riitta Hirvonen

I'm proud to say that I participate the english-project with the students in Finland. My partner was a girl. Riitta was her name. We wrote three letters to each other. Each time I learned about the way things go in the school in Finnland and about her personal life. I have also a new girlfriend on the net. I think it is very good for us to write letters about ourself and our country. Through this letters my vocabulary has become bigger. I learned a lot of new words. I had fine letters with my partner. Her language was very good. I saw that she was a good student for english.

I hope that the coming students also will appreciate this project.