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European Cultural Diversity: Finland-Flanders

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F@F-project (1999) between Sipoon Lukio (Finland) and Tienen College (Belgium)

Jarkko Kallaperä

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An Buttiens

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I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to write, so I'll just write some facts about the stuff I've learned about An so far.
Well I've seen that she's a REALLY sympathetic person and very open minded. And we have managed to discuss almost  everything (I think). Oh, and she's very nice too. hummmmmmmmmmmm.......let me think a while. Damn, I'm awfull bad in writing stuff about another person.
And I'm looking forward to continue our friendship with lots of e-mails. That's about it.



My partner in Finland, Jarkko    ( his callsign is Toukka), is 18 years old.

He likes playing hockey (he's a goaltender), listening to metal music (like the Finnish bands:Sentenced or HIM),...   He also makes computer music.  He also does modelling sometimes.  He started to play rollerskate hockey lately.

He had a girlfriend called Sari.   They were together for about 2 years, when she broke up for a younger boy.  He almost shot himself, but luckily he didn't.

He doesn't like pauses in school at all.  Normally they play cards or tease the girls, who are writing e-mails for an whole hour.  Jarkko is the one who has to calm down the girls after  teasing them.

He doesn't like his history class either, because it bores him a lot.

What I loved a lot about Jarkko, is that he trusted me.  When he had a problem and he couldn't tell it to anyone, he wrote it to me...  and of course, I tried to help him.

This project was really cool and I liked it very much.